4 Jul 2012

Soon the Black Dragon will sing

The Black Rebel Rifter Club is currently restructuring as part of our latest expansion drive. This expansion comes in two parts mainly. 1. The formation of a new alliance--The Devil's Tattoo and 2. The formation of a feeder corp to partner R1FTA under the umbrella of the alliance--Black Dragon Fighting Society.

For the most part it will be a case of 'as you were'. There will be no change in the way we go about our business, we'll still be throwing our ships into battles we really shouldn't be winning and having a damned good laugh in the process. We will soon be officially opening recruitment to BDFS.


21,000 years ago Count Juan Raphael Dante and the secrets of his DIM MAK fighting style struck fear into the established world powers of Earth. He was marked for death.
To preserve his fighting knowledge he spread the word of DIM MAK to disciples throughout the world through the mass media of the day, sewing the seeds of the power of the true fighting warrior to grow in those that would receive his teachings. He knew that the world and the universe were not ready for his message and he faked his own death, was cryogenically frozen and launched into space.

Time passed. Empires rose and fell as the pod containing “THE DEADLIEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED” made its way deeper and deeper into the far reaches of the universe.

The cryo-pod finally made planet-fall in the Ammold system. Its ancient landing and reentry programs successfully deposited Count Dante on the Planet's surface. The pod was discovered in the dry hills outside of a small settlement by a young man named Miura Bull.

Miura successfully initiated the re-animation sequence on the cryo-capsule freeing Juan Raphael Dante from millennia of self-imposed exile.

As Count Dante's eyes strained in the light of the first day of his new future he gazed upon the face of his young savior and knew that at least one soul in this distant future world was ready for his message.

Count Dante devoted himself to training the Bull in all the secrets of the fighting arts. No one in Ammold could withstand the onslaught of his POISON HAND WEAPONS. He learned to live life without fear, calm in the knowledge of his ability to fight and win. Miura Bull's desire to live THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR eventually pulled him to look for ever-greater opportunities to test himself and his fighting abilities. He applied to the capsular program to become a spaceship pilot. The Count bid his young disciple farewell and as he watched his greatest pupil board the Interbus shuttle he wondered what new form DIM MAK would take when released upon the stars.

Young Bull Rose to great fame as a celebrated fighter, terrorist and pirate leader. His training in the DIM MAK method of hand to hand combat shaped his flying and fighting philosophy. No fear, no statistics, no fleets to save you from your own mistakes, no hiding in the crowd or being robbed of glory. "The Bull" Gathered other deadly fighters around him and formed the Black Rebel Rifter Club. This army of berserker space pilots broke the "Rules" of space combat and succeeded against all conventional wisdom. Bull realized that these brothers and sisters at arms were natural fighters. "Some fighters are born"  Those lost souls he found to fill the ranks of the Rebels were born fighters. They naturally understood the WAY and were drawn together like sharks to blood.

Bull Looked out at the corporation he built and realized that he had found all his disciples. The next stage was at hand but…… "Where to find more warriors for the cause?"

Instantly Bull knew the answer, "As some fighters are born,… other fighters are made."

On his annual pilgrimage back to his birthplace he went to the Dojo to visit his old master. The Bull put forward a proposition and asked Count Dante for his blessing in establishing a training academy for space pilots based on the Black Dragon Fighting Style.  Juan Dante consented and gave his blessing to the new venture and for the first time since his 21,000 year voyage through the void he ventured once more into space to assist his adopted son in the new venture.

You have found us.

Forget safety. Forget passivity. Forget fear. Learn power and secrets of the fighting arts.

So, if you're looking to get into pvp and want a relaxed environment in which to cut your teeth in, a chance to fly with some cool people and be a part of a growing community, be sure to check us out.


* introduction was a guest post by Joe Struck

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  1. This blog is epic. Love your writing mate. Awesome read.