21 Jul 2012

Letters for the Boss Man #3

Mining Permit
From: Tyrannius Awe
Sent: 2012.07.06 02:22
To: Miura Bull,


Where can I get a Mining Permit?

I was told to message you to find out where to get one by one of your mining ticket inspectors. Interesting and innovative idea to say the least.

What are the prices?

Thanks for your time.


Ah the innocence of the easily fooled, you just gotta love them, right? Our mining ticket inspectors put in some good hours and 'selling' the odd ticket here and there sure does top up the pay cheque come the end of the month. Depending on the circumstances our inspectors can charge what they see fit, 5 million isk, 10 million isk, or upwards to 20, 25 or 50.

In fact, one of our members who from asking about a mining permit in a chance encounter in a highsec belt just recently was given a payment of 1 billion isk. This wasn't a direct sale of the mining ticket, it was simply a token payment for some good chat, tips and advice.

I was cruising up to Jita in my BATTAL HELIOS, thought I'd check out some of the belts on the route, flip some cans and see what would bite. I snagged a Covetor who was mining without a permit and then further along the route in Balle I spot a Retriever in a belt, there he was with his can out at 5 degrees top belt.

I landed 50 clicks away and begin the burn towards him. As I get to about 10k off of him a chat window pops up.

Miura Bull > good evening sir
Sallot Mossri > hey
Sallot Mossri > how u doin man, what do u want
Miura Bull > OFFICA BULL to you, do you have a mining permit I could check?
Sallot Mossri > no, didnt know anything about that
Sallot Mossri > how does that work I am very sorry I not know and I ma new here
Miura Bull > ah I patrol these parts you see, this is my route, permit inspector, hard job but someone gotta do it
Miura Bull > making sure the rocks aren't depleted you know?
Sallot Mossri > i see
Sallot Mossri > so im not allowed to work here is what you are saying
Miura Bull > let me just check with my deputy
Sallot Mossri > ok I am very sorry for this
Miura Bull > yeah you don't seem to have the correct paperwork for this area. did your corp not issue you with permits? or indeed tell you?
Miura Bull > I must issue you with a cease or desist order for today, if you pay the day fine of 20 million isk you can take the ore home, would that suit you sir?
Sallot Mossri > no, actually im not mining for my corp here, everone is on vacation, so i was just making some money while my friends are away
Miura Bull > ah I see
Sallot Mossri > well, i think id like to pay for my ore fine but I will move on to a new zone is that ok

I flip the can.

Sallot Mossri > hey, dont blow my ship up, ill pay the fine or leave it all here for you
Sallot Mossri > hey man please you red

My wallet flashes and sure enough the little guy has stumped up the fine for mining permit violations. Then to my surprise he takes some of his ore back. I just don't have the heart to kill the poor guy, a rare moment of mercy on my part.

Miura Bull > it's cool I was just inspecting it, you may take it all now, your fine has been registered and I must issue you with a warning
Sallot Mossri > ty again and I am very sorry for this mistake
Sallot Mossri > thanks for letting me live
Miura Bull > no probs sir, just doing mah job, your permit violation will be in the post to you in 3-5 working days but you didn't mine too much so don't lose sleep over it
Miura Bull > o7
Sallot Mossri > okay, sorry for mistake again, I close window now



  1. Some good laughs haha. Would love to see the fit for that Battle Helios!

    1. battal helios is what happens when you realize the ship has a 5m3 drone bay and a 5%/level bonus to thermal drone damage.

    2. Battle helios has 5 mids and is obviously harmless. SB

  2. > Then to my surprise he takes some of his ore back. I just don't have the heart to kill the poor guy, a rare moment of mercy on my part.

    I know the feeling too well.
    What is a killmail worth if it displays an innocent, ill-fit, 30 day old newcomer with puppy dog eyes?
    One day I suicided a Retriever in Highsec and had a chat with the guy from my alt, not knowing it was I who killed him. He was so nice I even sent him money to buy a new Retriever, refraining from killing him again.
    From a Helicity Boson standpoint, this must have been the low point of my career.
    Oh ye heavy heart.