16 Jul 2012

Letters for the Boss Man #2

From: Grayson Resinus
Sent: 2012.06.07 17:07
To: Miura Bull,

is there a particular reason you are a fucking asshole or were you just born that way having a fucking warship and two fuck nut flunkies(thats you btw) blow away a guy simply trying to mine for some money and kill some pirates?

I mean are you so sexually inadequate that you have to get your self esteem from this kind of thing?

I pity you. congrats on your "victory", asshole

Re: wow
From: Miura Bull
Sent: 2012.06.07 20:47
To: Grayson Resinus,

U mad?

Re: Re: wow
From: Grayson Resinus
Sent: 2012.06.07 20:57
To: Miura Bull,

well excuse me for not playing this game 22hrs a day and having all the money in the world to buy every ship and have all the fanciest stuff. I started playing the game a week ago.

uh oh did I just make you look like a complete retard with no ability to comprehend reality?

gee sorry. and no I am not mad thank you very much.

enjoy your sexual inadequacies. asshole.