27 Oct 2011

Corp Spinning

The recruitment drive rumbles on, inactive members have been kicked from the roster and more pilots are joining to keep things fresh. We're currently standing at approx 75 members, we've got every time zone covered but we want more pilots, more pilots for the Rifter swarm.

In reality most R1FTA pilots enjoy solo roaming, or at least will try their hand at it and take the challenge to master what is for some not an easy play style. Some will snag kills aplenty, some will have barren spells, some will die spectacularly each and every time they undock until they get the hang of it. The facts are that whilst you're out there losing ships and getting into fights, at least you're learning. We also enjoy small roaming frigate gangs, sometimes maybe cruisers. Most of our gangs are usually formed when a target has been reported in intel or a fight has escalated.

As a corp we have hundreds of fitted tech 1 Rifters ready for combat and available for new members should they ask, most pilots tend to come with their own hangar though, but free Rifters are always a good thing, right? We don't care too much about our corp statistics and efficiency ratings, sure, everybody likes to look at a good killmail but we won't berate somebody who is going out losing ships faster than he can fit them. In fact, as CEO I only look at the lossmails if somebody points me to them.

If we do delve into the statistics side of things, we'll see that since firing back up the R1FTA project just over 5 months ago the Rebels have:

2,119 Kills


1,888 Losses

To me, that says that in over 5 months we're getting our autocannons dirty, winning slightly more than we're losing, and having a good laugh along the way. We've got a great camaraderie and corporate culture going on in-house, the secrets can only be unlocked once you are in, as they say, but here is a teaser.

Barry White - former Rifter pilot.

We've destroyed almost 52 Billion ISK worth of ships and fittings.


Lost some 33 Billion ISK

This spike in kills and a fire-first-ask-questions-later attitude saw the Black Rebel Rifter Club climb to number 25 in the battleclinic corporate rankings for recent ship violencing.

I think I may have mentioned this previously :) Photo courtesy of Sard Caid  Publishing.

Looking into the details a little further.

All R1FTA Rifters come pre-loaded with R2 units for pilot safety.

The top 10 ships flown in kills by R1FTA pilots are:

1 Rifter (well, no surprise there) 1,021 kills

2 Jaguar 208 kills

3 Thrasher 152 kills

4 Wolf 143 kills

5 Republic Fleet Firetail 114 kills

6 Capsule 104 kills (I'm guessing most of these are hero tackle Rifters)

7 Hurricane 77 kills

8 Tristan 72 kills

9 Malediction 65 kills

10 Dramiel 63 kills

The most popular systems for scoring these kills, according to recent history are:

1 Hek

2 Amamake

3 Adirain

4 Siseide

5 Hadozeko

6 Egghelende

7 Arnon

8 Auner

9 Bosboger

10 Isenan

You'll notice that is a good mix of high-sec and low-sec systems, as we have pilots in all types of pvp styles and in all areas of space. Low-sec piracy, Empire war decs and general can-flipping and robbery are all big parts of the R1FTA pilot's play style.

With this current recruitment drive we'd like to double our numbers at the very least, we'd like multiple small roaming gangs in various parts of New Eden, as well as pilots out doing their solo thing. If you think that you'd like to be a part of this then drop by our public channel - The Autocannon - and say hello.



  1. Out of curiosity, do you have a link to the rifter fit you guys usually use?

  2. WTF why did I go through all of that work to get a spai in your corp???

  3. WTF is up with these R2 units? I mean really did you buy them in Amarr? Mine keeps taking about God and asking me to take a bath. I need a new one with some rust on it please. Come on Boss WTF?

    Oh and fly drunk, fly Rifters!


  4. I endorse this product and/or service.

    "Tristan 72 kills" - Muhahaha!

  5. The game came alive for me when I joined this group of Rascals. All we ask is that you bring your own bottle of whiskey.

  6. Looking for a Corp char name is alaxander row it's char sheet is on eve board pass is alax will try to talk with you in game I can has rifta?

  7. DARKSTAR POWNYOUALL21 November 2011 at 04:21

    5 Republic Fleet Firetail 114 kills