24 Oct 2011

Rubber Bullets

Minding my own business in Egghelende solar system I spot a Loki on scan that hadn't been renamed.


I am in a Jaguar. The Loki pilot is affiliated to a corp that has strong connections to a seemingly mining and industrialist venture.

A quick blip of the 360 degree scanner reveals nothing else in the near vicinity so I decide to head straight on into the belt with all guns blazing. Landing on top of the Loki it is clear that he is currently ratting with a battleship rat.

Ohh, so I lock him up. Heart starts racing a little as I start to ponder if I could actually do this. Loki has no shield damage at this point. I get myself into a comfortable tight orbit and begin to unleash fire and brimstone at the Loki's shields and ....

They start to drop.


Painfully slowly.

He locks me back up and we begin the dance.

At this point I'm starting to half believe that this Loki might die, his shields are taking the incoming damage well but there is some damage registering, not quite enough to break them of course and I'm wondering now if I have enough ammo in the hold. Then, from what looks like a quarter shield strength the Loki's shield is regenerated back up to full strength. I've been shooting him now for nearly two minutes but it seems more like twenty and I now get the feeling that I'm a mouse playing with a big cat that is out here for the thrill. It looks like I've got rubber bullets shooting at this thing. I have ran out of EMP ammo now so switch to Phased Plasma.

I put in the call in some intel channels and corp chat but people are spread out and a few declare their interest but they are close to ten jumps away. I feel now that I could keep this thing tackled forever and a day. I notice some of the locals are in system, a couple of the -10 guys I start a convo with in the hope that they might want a piece of the cake, but my calls go unanswered.

Hurricane on scan. He lands 60 clicks off, could this guy be here to help me or is he the Jaguar pest control guy? He is gaining slowly, I'm guessing he is now an anti-frig fit fat armor hull as he slithers towards me like a fat slug. At 40 clicks he locks me up and starts registering on my incoming damage meter, damn. I'm taking no damage from the Loki but this guy has just trumped my ambitious plans for Loki destruction.

Just before the incoming damage from the 'cane.
At nearly 3/4 shields I cut my losses and burn away and then warp off. I watch the belt at 5 degrees and they are still there. They are fighting each other, I start to check my assets tab for where my nearest Hurricane is staged. There is one next door and as I prepare myself for a gate jump with GCC I notice gf's go up in local and the Cane pilot makes the statement that he couldn't break the Loki's tank.


I offer up a cheeky request in local for an ammunition refund. After the Loki pilot asks me what ammo I was using, and my response, "Republic Fleet's finest good sir", my wallet flashes with 15 million ISK.

Oh well was worth a try and I made a profit.



  1. I believe I know what went wrong here. You did not have your case of whiskey on board. Pour one bottle in each fuel tank of the Jag, thining the mix, and you get an extra 200 mps. The rest drink yourself and viola, Loki = space dust.



  2. LOL!!
    Never thought I'd see the day when a would-be target actually pays you for the ammo you spent on him.

  3. Fuck I wish I had been on! Anna's still parked in egg and I could've brought a shield cane in.

  4. Loki in Egghe belt? Unmolested? Things have changed, that's for sure.

  5. Sob \o/

    I tell you man, they're slacking in there buddy, place is a ghost town in there at the moment.

  6. this story is what eve is all about!