3 Nov 2011

On location with Bullywood Productions

For the past few weeks I have been flying with my production team - Bullywood Productions, to capture and record material for a future series of pvp videos that I plan to release. Camera drones have been deployed and daring shots by brave and fearless (and somewhat disposable) film crews have been stored for future editing.

As things currently stand my plan is this. There will be a video dedicated to fights whilst piloting the Rifter, in solo combat 1v1's, in small gang fights and up against the odds in 1v2's, 1v3's, 1vblobz, et cetera. Going along the same theme there will also be a Jaguar video and a Wolf video.

At the moment I have a lot of Wolf footage and it looks like I might be able to release this one first. Jags are next for the amount of recorded fights but Rifter footage is low, I keep sitting in belts in my Rifter but it seems it is invisible. So inevitably I hop into a Jag or Wolf and hit a roam and end up finding some cool fights.

I have some nice Wolf footage from a 2v3. Myself and a corp mate both in the Wolf versus another Wolf, a Jaguar and a Myrmidon. All 3 enemy vessels were slain. I also have a cool fight in my Wolf against a Hawk where we both end up exploding, never seen that happen before, pretty cool stuff.

One thing I've noticed from recording my fights is how often I make stupid mistakes. There was this one fight against a Taranis in my dual-rep Rifter where I forgot to fire up the afterburner, and there are a few instances where I randomly click on an asteroid and begin keeping range from the rock instead of the target. Not because I click the target whizzing around on my screen, that would be bad, I just accidentally click things in the adrenaline rush of the fight it seems. I probably wouldn't have noticed any of these things if I hadn't reviewed the footage. I'm a bit of a purist in the sense that I don't use any F keys during combat, I like to click buttons on my mouse and I guess doing it this way makes for a more exciting experience and mistakes are only going to happen. Still, I think it will make for interesting footage either way.

I also wanted to make a Firetail video but after spending some time in the hull I have come to the conclusion that watching me fail miserably by dying every time I undock in the thing wouldn't make for a good watch. I'm thinking of fitting up some Claws and recording fights in that hull, but we'll see how long it takes to burn through all these assault frigates first.

I'm a long way off gathering all the material I need, so would be open to any offers for 1v1's or if anybody wants to throw a small gang at me when I'm in an assault frigate then don't be shy. Just don't embarrass me too much or it won't make the final cut. Heh.

I also need to think about what music I am going to use in my videos, exciting times ahead, it is like being your very own disc jockey. If anybody has any recommendations please do fire away in the comments section. Being cheeky, any donations to this film project would be greatly appreciated in either  ISK form or hulls, as the bank manager has told me this project looks like it won't come cheap. If anybody does donate anything then you'd be listed in the end credits.


So that's it, I just wanted to waffle on to let it be known I will have some videos of me dying spectacularly out soon. But not that soon. Also, it will just be pure pvp, none of this fancy boosting malarkey. Raw unadulterated and filthy ship explosions with a sprinkling of music.

See you in space.




  1. Please tell me you have fraps of my trolltail vs your wolf?

    Excellent fight (even if you did escape, sadface) and I'd love to see if from your point of view...

  2. sadface

    Unfortunately I didn't. I was waiting for a new external hard drive to be delivered, so that fight was a few days short of when I started recording.

    But yeah, was a good escape act :p

  3. I am sure we can come to a suitable deal in return for a little more than a mention in the credits? 10 seconds at the start/opening credits for some advertising perhaps?

    Also 1v1's can be offered aplenty...

  4. For your music selection the answer is clear........AC/DC of course.

    Fly drunk, Fly Rifters!

  5. MB, I 100% agree with Judge and would recommend you start with "Shot Down in Flames", just because.