15 Aug 2011

Electus Matari Pirates?

Electus Matari Standings
From: Mikkel Lybecker
Sent: 2011.08.03 02:57
To: Miura Bull,

Dear Mr. Bull,

My name is Mikkel Lybecker. I'm a diplomat for Electus Matari. We are an alliance supporting the Minmatar Republic, and operate under NRDS (not red, don't shoot) rules of engagement.

This mail is to inform you that your corporation has been set to negative standings to Electus Matari, due to piracy.

As we are NRDS, this simply means that our pilots are allowed to open fire on your pilots. It does not mean that we intend to hunt you specifically. You can see our full list of standings here:


If you feel that this standing was set in error, please do not hesitate to contact me to correct this.


Mikkel Lybecker
Diplomat, Electus Matari

_ _ _ _

Re: Electus Matari Standings
From: Miura Bull
Sent: 2011.08.15 16:14
To: Mikkel Lybecker,

Dear Electus Matari,

My name is Miura Bull. On paper I am the CEO of the Black Rebel Rifter Club. In reality, the Black Rebel Rifter Club is not run on paper or influenced by diplomacy of any kind and our corporate program (read - gang culture) does not hold sway for outside influenced ramblings of a diplomatic nature on any front. I am the Chief, the leading grease mechanic and father figure to my band of cavalier cutthroats and trigger-pullers - together our 'diplomacy' is decided by the way of the autocannon and smoking Rifter hulls, more often than not in a low-security asteroid belt or spacelane.

Being the sly dog that I am, I have reason to believe these standings were enforced after 'an unfortunate incident' in Lulm solar system out in the cesspit backwaters of the Huvilma constellation. A bunch of Rebel pilots were alerted to a suspicious vessel 'actively seeking to reduce the Rebel pilots of their vessels and assets' - This in the eyes of many is classed as an act of piracy and defending themselves in the manner that they know best, the Rebels reduced the EM Cruiser class vessel to dust.

Open discussions on a local communication platform were logged with our data control and are available on request. The EM pilot clearly stating his intentions. Identities will remain hidden out of respect for the pilot and your ensuing investigations.

We hope you resolve this matter swiftly.

More information and our very own twist on 'standings' can be found here:



Miura Bull.
Black Rebel Rifter Club.


  1. Throughout history the most effective tool of conquest has been DIPLOMACY! Thank God our CEO recognizes that fact and chooses to ignore the petty diplomatic overtures offered by Electus Matari! As the great Sun Tzu said, diplomacy is but a component of deception.

  2. You got a mail from them? Lucky :P

    All I got was shot at :)

  3. Ahh This started my day off with a good laugh!