21 Oct 2010

Wensley's Wasted Wednesday (Death In Their Garden)

I recently participated in a roam with a few friends of mine and it was nice to be in good company again. Sadly it was a roam which ended in the demise of our fleet. Still, you can't complain. We turned up in somebody's back garden, attempted to kick mud in their faces, scampered away over the fence and then went back for more when they were no doubt ready for us!

You can read about the roam here.

I logged back in today and made best speed for the quickest route out of null. Unfortunately I met a sticky end after being tackled by a Malediction and Dramiel. I got my pod away but then jumped into a nasty looking camp only a few jumps later. Game over.

I love these roams though and thoroughly enjoyed my evening and subsequent death the day after. New clone and teeth please.


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