22 Oct 2010

The 0.0 Experiment

I had received news from my agent in Jita that all the modules, equipment, ammunition, food, drink, drugs (combat, as well as recreational, ahem) and ships were all loaded into the jump freighter and ready for the instructed destination. I started to get an uneasy feeling in the bottom of my stomach, swirling around like an unwanted intestinal invader.

Destination - Syndicate region.

"A den of thieves, scoundrels, bandits, black market dealers, gamblers, pimps and prostitutes. All in all, a nice place for a holiday"

- Unnamed Gallente Senator

Sounds just like my kind of place. The plan was simple and daunting at the same time. I had planned to jump-freight 34 ships into null security space under the cover of darkness and stealth.This was going to be a holiday of sorts, a step into the void that is null-sec or 0.0, whatever you prefer, it can be and will be a daunting arena for the rookie combat pilot. I plan to use the vacation to sharpen my teeth, so to speak.

The 34 ships I have decided to take are as follows. 25 Rifters, 5 Jaguars, 2 Wolfs and 2 Republic Fleet Firetails. I have 5 different fits ready to roll for the Rifters and the others are pretty much standard issue. I fully expect each and every ship to die in some kind of grizzly, explosive fireworks cocktail.

The system I plan to base out of has been chosen as a staging post for raids into Cloud Ring, Outer Ring, Fountain, Great Wildlands and beyond as well as roaming around Syndicate. I am not taking any expensive implants out with me as I do fully expect to see a lot of medical bays over the coming weeks and hopefully months depending on my survivability rate.

Speaking of survivability . . . What are the chances of success on this holiday?

Very slim to poor. To be honest my hopes and expectations fall on me roaming around like some kind of anti-hero picking off lone ratters in poorly equipped ships, loitering on gates waiting for industrials to rumble past and fun duels with other like-minded pilots. In reality what I can probably expect is lots of gangs and bubbles, blobs and chest beating. I find that the majority of 0.0 dwellers tend to have a fear of flying without some mates along side them to hold their hands.

I will be documenting my travels in this journal, each and every exploding spaceship will be recorded here, I hope to have you, my reader, along for the ride. Even if it is going to be quite a bumpy one.

I hope I'm the anti-hero during this experiment.


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