5 Feb 2013

Changing Faces

Fresh out of Military School.

Even though I had graduated from the Republic Military School with distinction, it was clear at the time that my loyalties would be elsewhere. I was already drawing up plans for the Black Rebel Rifter Club and the military uniforms were soon cast to one side. I remember the great sense of satisfaction and comfort when returning to my native Brutor tribal wear.

I don't think I ever went anywhere without my trademark black shades. The skull banner in the background is a design that was adopted by my local tribe and is a design that I still fly with to this day.

Gunpoint days.

I enjoyed my time with Gunpoint Diplomacy greatly. Sharing a corp roster with such greats as Sard Caid, Wensley, Raxip Elamp, Dirty Protagonist, Laktos ... Alex Medvedov ... Avan Sercedos. The list is endless and in fact when I look back to that time, Gunpoint had a damned fine roster. It was like some kind of dream team.

I kept it fresh and minimal in those days. Clean shaven, combat vest, army green t-shirt and of course the black shades.

Black Jacket Metal Lips.

Now back with the Black Rebel Rifter Club it seemed only right that I should regularly don the black jacket look that this crazy band of thugs were commonly known for. It was about this time that I also added some metal to my facial features with two nasty looking spike piercings on the bottom lip.

White Jackets.

It was a new age in the story of R1FTA and with this came a new look. The trademark black jacket was put away and a new white jacket took to show. There was a noticeable shift in the look of the Rebels at this point, with some third parties claiming that the once feared and dirty black rebels had now become more of a fashion house victim than a corp of barbaric unwashed killers.

It was the dictator look and I think I pulled it off well. The Bull 2012 campaign adding fuel to the fire. Oh and I grew a beard, cos evil dictators don't shave do they?

Black leather.

Back to the black jacketed look for the current trend. Morphite infused red chevrons and shiny black leather bringing back the dark and moody aspect along with a touch of style.

Who knows what the future holds for Miura's wardrobe. Oh and who said this game was just about spaceships?



  1. Amazing how those days in R1FTA already feel like the good ole days!! I noticed you conveniently forgot to mention the spell where you ran around in superhero tights! That I believe was the watershed event that spelled the doom of the BRRC as we knew it. Fly safe my brother!!!

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