1 Nov 2012

The Mad Machine of Killboard Stats (performance review)

A quick peek into the world of numbers and figures.

I like to think of The Devil's Tattoo alliance < R1DER > as a giant machine that randomly spits out killmails on a daily basis. I imagine that some weird ol' mad scientist made this machine on one of his lunch breaks. I like to picture this imaginary piece of machinery as having big clunky pipes venting steam at random times, weird bits that came from somewhere else bodged together that don't really work but they look quite good even though they keep falling off.

Whether these killmails are for or against we don't really care that much as long as our members are having a good time. Of course we do care, but we don't care. If that makes sense?

It is therefore a surprise that < R1DER > is currently the second rank in recent performing alliances. Perhaps the other alliances need to up their game somewhat? What are those crooks doing out in null-sec to let a gang of bad rifter pilots steal a march on the go-to ranking lists? Hmm, one does wonder.

Black Rebel Rifter Club seems to keep bobbing around the number 3 mark in the recent corporate rankings, give or take a few yo-yo drops every now and then.

Overall R1FTA continues to climb the overall corporate rankings to the heady heights of number 68. Over 800 billion isk in destroyed ships and assets is a nice number that continues to rise. Almost 17,000 kills to date. That's a mind-boggling amount of individual killmails. Our favourite ship is listed as the Rifter! Oh I do love a good a stat.

On a personal level I find myself jostling for position in the top 300 of the individual pilot rankings. At the time of writing I rank as #271. I quite enjoy watching the progress of these rankings and looking at the stats of those in and around my rank. One thing you notice is the higher you get in the rankings the slower your progress, it's like a bottleneck as pilots queue to the tiny entrance that is the top 100 club. When you're hovering in and around the top 1000 and above you can make huge strides with a good day of killing above-class hulls, not so when you're plinking away for points with all those other blood-thirsty pilots.

Somebody was asking in a public channel I was in the other day how they could make their stats 'look better' as they learn how to pvp. They seemed downhearted by the fact they kept losing ships and their efficiency was terrible and they don't want to engage this or do that because it might mean a comment on a lossmail and a bruised ego and blahdeblah.

As a word of advice, the best way is to not worry about it all.

Just take the fights and learn from them, with over 500 losses I feel qualified to state that I don't worry about them and if I did I wouldn't have over 500 losses to my name. The potential for a great killmail usually ends in a lossmail, but if we don't try ....

Stats will, over time, start to take shape. Whether they turn out good or bad is another thing but the key thing to remember is don't fall into the trap of thinking about stats and killboards before you take a fight. Don't become a risk-averse puppet who has one eye on his efficiency. The only people who care about efficiency are in it for the wrong reasons.

Enjoy the game, it is after all just a game.


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  1. Well stated!

    I enjoyed seeing that R1FTA pilots have flown 56 different varieties of rifters! Wow!