5 Nov 2012

The Idiot (oops)

The safespot. The first thing we make when entering a new system. The hiding place of many and also the final resting place of many who fall into the trap of thinking that they are 'safe'. Many a pilot will embark on epic bookmarking roams, plotting future tacticals and warp-in spots, all for the slightest future advantage.

I lost three ships this week out of stupidity. I am an idiot. What did I do? I didn't use a safespot. Why did I not use a safespot? I can't really answer that. Laziness, perhaps. Three times and each time I thought to myself 'damn what an idiot, I won't do that again'. 

I guess I wouldn't be that bothered but the frustrating thing is they were all fights I should have won.  

First up I lost a Wolf to an Enyo. I was in Decon and spotted a few ships on scan, mostly coming and going and not hanging around. All the time I spotted an Enyo on scan but it looked like he wasn't interested in the fight. So I parked myself in top belt and waited. And waited ... Out of boredom I alt-tabbed out to our corp forums (yeah, probably should use the ingame browser once in a while). Anyway, I hear alarms ringing. Shit. Wolf in half armor. Enyo stinging away. Dead Wolf. I pop a gf in local and warp out with my tail between my legs. 100 million isk down the toilet. No big deal. Promise myself I won't do that again.

Fast forward a few days and I am in a Jaguar hanging around some 2/10 acceleration gates. There's nobody in local so I get up and go for stroll, like you do. I should have known better. I come back to the screen and there's a Cyclone killing me. I have already lost shields as I start a valiant attempt to kill his drones but I've already taken too much damage and I explode and warp my pod out. 

Same old drill I pop a gf in local and an 'oops I was afk, so bad at this game' message in local. The pilot starts lecturing me on how lowsec is dangerous. So bad.

Today I visited one of the out-of-the-way Pithi 2/10 sites. I am in another 100mil isk Wolf. Wolfs are like my fix. I love them. Anyway. There's a Thrasher and a Worm on scan. I wait on the gate but the Thrasher leaves local and the Worm is seemingly sat on station for what seems like an eternity. I enter the 2/10 site and wait inside on the entry point. You can probably guess what's going to happen here ... yep. I am alt-tabbed checking the forums again (damn these forums are bad for my health) and I come back to a half-dead Wolf and a Worm, which somehow I manage to get into structure before I pop. 

A gf goes up in local and I decide to write a blogpost about how bad I am at this game. Must. Use. Safespots.




  1. Sounds like you need a second screen.

  2. I see nothing wrong with the happenings in this post. On a related note, I'm petitioning CCP to allow market discounts via standings, for my Sardmart™ regular customers. Because docking in the zillion stations across lowsec is just too damn convenient for mbutts. =)

    1. Haha. I was planning a little shopping spree over the coming days at my favourite local MH store. I hope she's stocked and ready ... I think I might buy another Atron.