7 Aug 2012

New Blog!

I've started a new blog, a kind of side project blog but with a twist. It's not just going to be me posting content to the blog, it will feature work from eight pilots including myself who have joined the project.

This blog is an in-character and slight storyline based review of our fights. It will be updated regularly, as you can imagine with eight people on board we hope to have a flow of content and make this the go-to place to simply read about some fights.

No other real content other than fights. It will become a library of fights sprinkled with some dark and twisted storytelling straight from the pen of the pilot.

The title of the blog is The Fighter at the Gates of Hell.

You can find the new blog at the link below. Please follow and join us in our journey. The first post is now live!





  1. I knew you were all RPers at heart :3

  2. So subscribed!

    @Kalaratiri Sshhh - don't spook them!

  3. Are you going to be continuing this blog also? Just curious :)