14 Aug 2012

Miss Carry's 99 Rifter Brawlout

Invader Carry had sounded the battle cry. 99 Rifters were parked in the pos, littering the sky and partially blocking out the sun. The rules were pretty simple.

Everybody that wants to participate meets at Pinkypie-POS in Eugales
in his favourite Rifter.

There you will find 99 T1 fitted Rifters, waiting for action.

On signal [comms would be groovy] everybody targets 4 or 5 random fellows
and we shoot each other silly. 

If you die, move your Pod to one of the T1s, board it and fire away, 
until all 99 Rifters are used up.

1) No arty-kiting fits, have a scram fitted.
2) If you accidentaly pod someone you're out
and pay for it, get slapped, spanked, molested
and groped by someone with big hands.

The Rumble Rifters will be T1 fitted so everyone
should be able to fly them.
There will be a few weird ones inbetween.
Should you grab one of them and can't use it,
leave it and take another one.

The time had come, total mayhem was but a few moments away. We revved our afterburners as the order to warp to the beacon was given.


The event got off to a bit of a bumpy start, firstly overview technicalities and then an overly keen pos that was spitting out balls of venomous ecm jams to the unsuspecting pilots. I lost my first Rifter with two laser modifications and then the fighting was prematurely stopped while the engineering staff disabled the angry pos settings and here we waited out our aggression timers.

It was decided that the event would resume at a cargo can on-grid to the pos and Rifters were soon back up and running with cannons booming and lasers lazing (is that even a word?) and all was good in Eugales as merry R1FTA pilots pummelled the crap out of each other under the burning sky.

The kills were rolling in.

A pattern was emerging.

Warp to the can-shoot-shoot some more-occasional sneaky ungrouping of the guns as you were popping, Rifter on fire and smoking and screaming and firing off a last salvo to make the mails-warp down to the PARKING LOT-new Rifter-rinse and repeat.

Good times.

Then there was a handful of Rifters left. Zodiac Black was the last man standing beneath all the rubble and wreckage.

Thanks to Miss Carry for organising a great event.

Battle reports.


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  1. Oh man. That's an awesome idea!! Looks like q stupid amount of fun :)