19 Jun 2012

My Faction Warfare Fix

Disclaimer. I'm not a faction warfare pilot, nor do I wish to be in the future. However, I feel the fix I am proposing would greatly enhance the experience of the faction warfare playground for all.

Faction warfare is great! The lore of it all, the blobs, the cool dudes who fly solo picking off the weak or the willing, the politics and everything else that goes with it. There are some cool people in FW, no doubt about that. There are cool people that have come from FW to other areas of the game too. It's all good.

But there is one problem.

FW is broken in one way.


You see when I spot a juicy looking frigate or destroyer inside one of the many Installations, Compounds, or Outposts and I warp in and land in my bright red spaceship (overview) what happens 99 times out of 100?

The guy inside the dungeon is usually 100k+ away from my landing zone and in a moment of shock and utter fear he warps off.

This is especially annoying because:

A - I want to destroy his ship and then pod him.

B - It wastes my time when they leave system.

So how can we fix this? Well. My proposal is simple. 

Once inside a FW dungeon you can not warp off your ship if another pilot not affiliated to your faction warps in. So if a pilot from an enemy faction warps into your dungeon, or, I dunno, say a flashy pirate warps in..... It should be locked so that you can not leave until blood has been spilled, a ship lost or a ship abandoned.

Only a pod can warp out when hostiles are on grid. This would mean the cowards who warp out as the mechanic stands at the minute could eject from their ship and leave if they wish, with their tails between their legs and shipless. The hostile party can then board the new ship or blow it up.

One more thing I would do as well. As I understand the way FW works, the person running these dungeons gains loyalty points that they then spend in the store. Complimenting the above mentioned dungeon lock-in system--If a lock-in is sprung, then the winner of any duel that takes place inside the dungeon gets a reward of all the loyalty points that would have been claimed, even if they are not a FW pilot.

These changes would make life in FW more dangerous, it would promote more fights in general and it would make FW a more interesting place for everyone and not just a place where people stick an alt in to farm loyalty points. If you can kill the FW people then you too can claim the loyalty points. A kind of theft to accompany a well-deserved killmail.

What say ye?



  1. Your brilliance is transcendant.

  2. I like this idea of locking them in the plex

    Kinda like "hold your ground soldier!"

    However the LP I think should come from the opposing faction not the FW player faction. I.e. Killa Caldari militia pilot plexing and you get fed navy faction etc.

  3. I don't think it would work. Too much of the "stick" approach. I think it will only stop people from wanting to go into the dungeons. The aggressor would also be able to completely know composition of the gang before even warping to the site. Need more of the carrot in the approach perhaps.

    That said, I think it is too easy to just start a site and not worry if you don't complete it, so you do need to at least incentivize people to stay in there. Two alternative options that I can see :
    1. The site timer means you have to sit on the button in the site for 15 minutes. If you can force the other player out of the site before that 15 minute mark, and then sit on the button yourself to take it back to 0 (or further perhaps), you get the Loyalty points he would have got if he had stayed, proportional to how far along the track he was (and may be some other modifier for balance purposes).

    2. As 1. above, except those loyalty points not only get awarded to you, they get _taken away_ from the pilot(s) who started the button (with possibly a cap on the deficit he could get into).

    Of course, both of these options only really work for other pilots in Faction Warfare...

  4. I think the LP stealing is a great idea. You could really expand on that idea and introduce other penalties for abandoning dungeons. E.g. bind a player to a dungeon for a certain amount of time so they don't earn LP in other dungeons.

    I can't see the no warp thing ever getting implemented though, there would be too much screaming.


    1. I like that idea of making people not be able to get LP from other dungeons until they complete the one they ran from. There's already a precedent for this, missions . You can't decline more than one every 24 hours there either.

  5. Turning Factional Warfare Dungeons into Mad Max Thunderdomes?
    The blood spilling part is brilliant!

    Also, only the boldest of the bold will still dare to enter those FW dungeons which means 99% of the time they'll be empty ;)

    risk averse = we are the 99%!

  6. Sorry MB, but I think this is a pretty bad idea! As it would just promote people doing dungeons in larger groups.

    What could work however is that the button resets when people either leave the plex or get more then a certain distance away from it after entering that way at least there's a penalty for the farmers that always run (they leave the plex resets, their LP hour goes down).

  7. It's quite an interesting idea. Personally I love the idea of making cowards stand and fight instead of running to a station unless their falcon alt is in perfect position.

    Some people will bring up the 'sandbox' argument against this and say something about how such an idea goes against the principles of eve and the freedom of the player. To which I say, what the fuck do you think anchorable bubbles and warp disrupting rats do?

    I hereby +1 this proposal.

    (Too bad low-sec, faction-warfare dwelling cowards hiding behind the blob will always resist change EVEN THOUGH THEY TELL CCP THAT FACTION WARFARE SUCKS AND THEY WANT IT TO CHANGE!)

  8. Agree with Kaeda. Locking people in will just mean no one will plex in fleets of under 50. Plus, if it works both ways.. imagine landing 60k away from your basic plex speed-tanker. And then watching him burn away from you - forever. Tantalus had it EASY.

  9. Wait. What? Do people actually think I was posting a serious idea? Or are you guys anti-trolling me in the comments? XD

    I got the idea for this post when I was roaming up from OMS to Ishomilken. I warped in on about 7 or 8 plex runners and not one gave me the fight I was craving. I was butthurt. My tears were plenty and my time taken. So. Yeah. Sorry for the confusion.


  10. Yeap. Pretty often all you get is a few potshots from a pre-aligned snipe Cormorant while you burn in range. Sometimes not even that. Now if only you could fit an Arazu through the gate to a minor somehow..

  11. On a serious note, it might be interesting if they made some of the FW rats warp scramble. It'd definitely encourage more people to shoot the rats, and would help MB get his fw-plex-killer fix too!

  12. I think this is better than a Troll MB. I think the solution tho is to make the rats in the plexes scram people. That way no one would be "stuck", but it wouldn't be easy to leave either.

  13. I actually do Like the idea of getting them to stay and defend the plexes. Hell If my CO gave me an objective to take when I was at war Then that is what I was going to do. However I also like the idea of taking a portion of LP away from a plexer who starts a plex then runs.

    TBH the plex farming has got so worse since the update I think they realy do need to come down hard on it for a bit then maybe slacken off once the farming has slowed or encouraged more fighting for the plex's as plexing is more risk free than lvl 4's with way better returns!

    It was one of the reasons I left FW in the first place! I like risk obviously :)

  14. +1 for that. In addition, maybe CCP could show a little love for the ebil pirates. I.e., we kill a Caldari trying to flip a Gallente plex and we get a few Fed LP's. Granted nothing in their store I would really want, but maybe someday they could put some fine sprits or Gallente dancing girls in the LP store.

  15. This is waaaaay to exploitable for griefing. Basically, you can warp into a FW plex with a snaked linked dram and just orbit the beacon at 200 until the enemy ejects from his ship

  16. I always thought it would be a good idea to make it so the guy has to make a dash to the acceleration gate if he wants out no dram exploits and more fights