16 Mar 2012

The Disappearing Machariel

The Jaguar is the ship I feel most comfortable in when taking on bigger quarry, and with a nosferatu fitted in the utility high-slot I can be confident of keeping all my modules running when I need them the most, id est, if I happen to get neuted. I also feel most comfortable dealing with drones with my webifier. In fact I'd go as far as saying I feel I will have more success in the Jaguar taking on the bigger boys than I would taking on other assault frigates, at this moment in time.

More recently I managed to snag a Zealot that was out ratting. I added this to the collection of tech 2 Amarr cruisers I seem to be getting the better of every time I undock a Jag. Previously, this odd looking Sacrilege and this even quirkier looking gate-camping Curse had all fallen to the mighty Jaguar. Not to mention the usual smattering of badly fitted cruisers and battlecruisers that you stumble upon in low-sec.

So imagine my surprise when out on my roam I spot a Machariel out ratting in the wilds of a low-sec asteroid field. There would be no hesitation whatsoever, I warped in and landed the tackle, no job too big when filled with confidence. I swiftly removed all the enemy drones from space and began working on the tank, mindful that he may have alliance mates on the way, I kept an eye on the scanner.

With his shields and armor stripped it was a case of the final onslaught to bring this giant ship to its knees, a mighty crash waiting to happen. And then, you know what is going to happen don't you?


Yes .... A self-destruct notification.

The autocannons are cooking, a race against time to the last point of hull. I check the heat status, close to 90%, but it looks like the last tiniest slither of structure is about to buckle and finally explode. It all goes quiet for a moment and then ..... The self-destruct is completed. Disbelief. It was probably ONE second away from being a killmail, it was that close. I sarcastically post up a gf in local but get no response.

Oh well.

Narzan19 scurries away in his capsule and I add this mugshot to my dartboard.




  1. I feel your pain, brother. Such self destructive behavior needs treatment.

  2. Oh wow.... I'd have loved to have seen that mail.
    Selfdestructing needs some love from ccp, if there is a player on the mail it should produce a killmail, but destroy all the loot. So whilst you can deny anyone your stuff, you still take the shame of loss.

  3. Yadda yadda killmail loss yadda yadda ... did noone notice you're engaging a Machariel with faction loot in your cargohold!?

    That's dope!