3 Mar 2014

And we set the ship aflame

Today a good friend of many in the lowsec frigate community has handed in his wings and left the game for good. I know we all say we'll be back but Ilik Tanikalot has flirted with leaving in the past and while he has 'sort of' left and come back before, this time it is for real and all his toons have now passed into new ownership.

The Old Firm. Nuisances eliminated, obstacles obliterated, bothersome limbs removed, and tutelary dentistry. - Ilik Tanikalot.

When I first started up the Black Rebel Rifter Club all those years ago it was originally going to be a one-man band. I must admit that I got bored talking to myself early into the plan and decided to place an advert for new mates to fly with. The first person to answer that call was Ilik. Along with a handful of other pilots who eventually donned the early Black Jacket I will remember fondly those constructive chats that went with being a member of a newly spawned nooby frigate corporation, and the exchanging of Rifter fits and killmail links and all the great stories that went with them.

Egghelende and Amamake were awash with our Rifter wrecks but life was good. It was life on the edge of an autocannon barrel, a heart-stopping dance in the fast lane with republic fleet fusion and hot plasma projectiles.

It was glorious.

But when the early corp began what would be a short hiatus, the only member left holding the reigns was Ilik. If it wasn't for Ilik's early dedication to R1FTA the corp would no doubt have closed and things would have been very different.

Once things picked up again we kickstarted what would become a great adventure together in R1FTA. Eventually Ilik left and we crossed paths on many occasion, but we always ended up back in the same corp or the same area of space.

So, in closing, as I stand here with burning torch in hand about to push Ilik's flaming Rifter out into the void for its final journey, it only seems fitting that I should put on record my thanks and best wishes for the future and I'm sure everyone else who flew with Ilik would say the same .... good luck out there mate.




  1. A fond and regrettable farewell to a true gentleman warrior.

    'twas Ilik who picked up my R1FTA app in what seems like another lifetime and set me off on my current and much enjoyed (for the most part!) path in-game.

    Bugrit! Millenium hand and shrimp o7

  2. Ilik Tanikalot, my old friend, I will miss you. The only pilot I ever flew with who would get as drunk as the Judge when flying a Rifter. Best wishes and :

    FLY DRUNK! my friend FLY RIFTERs!


  3. Farewell brother, enjoy what the universe has in-store for you next, and if our souls should ever cross paths in new bodies it will be a happy day.


  4. Thanks for the nice farewell and the kind words. Keep having fun guys and gals, I'm sure we'll meet again somewhere else. Cheers!

  5. Don't burn that Rifter, MB! I can hear his voice from within!!