20 May 2012

Top Toys

The table below shows the top 5 of ships used by R1FTA pilots during combat operations.

No surprise at the number 1 spot really, if it was something else there we'd probably get done for false advertising. It is a figure that should really be a bit higher, as I think most of the killmails that get registered as a capsule were in fact hero tackle Rifters that bit the dust.

Number 2 spot goes to the Wolf. I would probably say my favourite assault frigate at the moment. I can't get enough of its kick, once it gets you in its jaws it doesn't like to let go.

In 3rd place we've got the Thrasher. A figure that is always going to be inflated slightly due to its long service as a suicide gank ship, however, you can't knock the sheer destructive capabilities of a combat Thrasher.

Number 4 on the list goes to the Jaguar. For a long time my numero uno weapon of choice. I lost a little bit of love for the Jag when the assault frigate changes came around, but after playing around with various different fits I am now enjoying flying her again. A fantastic ship.

In the number 5 position we see a cruiser hull poking its nose into the realms of popularity. What can be said about the Rupture? One of the best ships in the game, value for money, versatility--devastating in armor or shield form. Not to be messed with. You can fly them solo or put them to excellent use in gang form, this fight here showcasing its potential.

Whilst on the subject of kills, I recently broke the 1000 corp kills barrier and received a shiny new medal for my troubles. Now to go sprinkle some gunpowder on my cornflakes.

Finally, R1FTA are currently recruiting new blood for a limited amount of time. Go check out our recruitment post on the eve forums by clicking this link here.



  1. A cruiser? In MY top five? SAY IT AIN'T SO!

  2. Where would I find these stats?

  3. On the r1fta.zzeve private board.

  4. I just have one thing to say Boss........