19 Feb 2011

Postcards From The Edge #1

Clearing out some old camera drone footage and inspired by the regular EON magazine feature, I have decided to share some images from my archives. Every so often you will get six glorious screen shots to peruse, should you wish of course.

(clicky to make bigger, but you knew that already, right?)

Wait . . What did you put in the fuel tank again?

Bubble Bobble.

What the hell is that? I dunno, just shoot it 'til it explodes!

Can you smell burning? Cos I totally forgot to pack the fire extinguisher.

What! How did that one get in here!?

Cynabal heading into a space-storm.



  1. I like the one with the burning Rifter!

    1. Thats just the After Burner

  2. Hi miura!!
    Didn't know you had this blog running :-) Somehow i missed it untill had quite some traffic incomming from your site :-)
    Love your blog and will continue to check in for your posts. Added a link to you on my page, hope it's ok.